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3DCT Enterprise™ streamlines the production of optimized 3D objects and customized web page presentations, whether you need to collaborate with clients in another department or across the country.

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only 3DCTEnterprise provides
95% 3D Mesh Compression
Free 3DCTViewer™
Optimized Batch Processor
3DCTHELIXX™ Technology

Compress and Share

3DCT Enterprise solves the two major issues in 3D design collaboration and communication:
  • Dramatically reduces object size allowing fast transfer over any internet or intranet connection
  • Ensures that everyone is able to accurately view and manipulate 3D objects by not requiring the original authoring application
3DCT Enterprise’s engine, 3DCT Helixx, provides the industry’s best lossless and lossy compression of 3D objects. Object file sizes are typically reduced by 95%. 3DCT Viewer is a freely distributable application that allows anyone to easily view and manipulate 3D objects distributed in 3DCT Enterprise’s .3dc file format.

Enterprise Edition
3DCT Enterprise has features that optimize its use in high volume and production environments:
  • Batch Processing: An application for automatically compressing multiple files without interaction.
  • Direct FTP: Enhances 3DCTProfessional with ability to directly send your html and .3dc files to a server via FTP.
  • HTML Template Libraries: Enhances 3DCTProfessional allowing customized html template libraries for 3D web publishing.
  • Preset Views: Pre-configure and associate key views with your object file – greatly simplifies user review in 3DCTViewer.

3DCT Professional Screenshot

3DCT HELIXX™ is the power behind the entire 3DCT product family. It’s our proprietary compression and content engine for 3D meshes with best in class compression and functionality.




Compression Control - Specify lossless and lossy rates for optimal compression

Healing - Repair meshes with incorrect topology and flipped normals

Segmentation - Assign IDs to mesh regions for specifying shape, color, material, transparancy attributes

Web Publishing - Simplified embedding of 3D objects in HTML page with preview

Polygon Reduction - Reduce file size of an over-sampled 3D object

Feature & Color Detection - Preserve shape information and color boundaries

Color & Texture - Compress color & environmental texture to make 3D object more informative

Rotation Control - Options to define initial orientation and restrict axes of rotation

File Formats - 3DS, DXF, OBJ, OFF, PLY, STL, VRML 2.0

Platforms - Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP

Viewer - 3DCTViewer 3DCT is available for all Windows 9x through XP, the mobile platform Windows CE, browser plug-in for Netscape, and ActiveX control for Internet Explorer


Scientific Visualization
Medical Imaging
Product Design
3D Web Publishing